Leah Shores Hunt
Concorde Investment Services
1120 East Long Lake Road Suite 100
Troy, MI 48085 48075
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Leah Shores Hunt | Advisor Onboarding & Training Specialist | Concorde Investment ServicesLeah Shores Hunt
Advisor Onboarding & Training Specialist

Leah Shores Hunt has 18 years experience in the financial services industry.  She is focused on building strong relationships with Financial Advisors and specializes in providing positive Advisor Onboarding experiences and ongoing training.  She has an excellent working knowledge of back office operations, which helps tremendously during the Onboarding period.

Leah is married, has a teenage daughter and enjoys cooking and baking for all for all of the teenagers that are constantly in the house.  In her spare time, she volunteers at a local women’s shelter and works with her local DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Chapter in helping create interest to the future generation of members.



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