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Why UsWhy Concorde Insurance Agency?

With one comprehensive platform that integrates with your Concorde Broker/Dealer and Concorde RIA affiliation(s), you have one-stop shopping for all your client solutions. You are one phone-call away from having a full-service team to identify, design, and implement all your insurance solutions.

Additionally, your Concorde E&O Policy covers all fixed/indexed insurance that flows through the agency and ORG, so if all your insurance production is placed through Concorde, you shouldn’t have to pay for an outside E&O policy.

Another advantage is that your Insurance production that is placed through Concorde is included in your Concorde production credits, as well as towards Leaders’ Conference qualification.

We have highly competitive compensation payouts that do NOT go to the Concorde compensation grid, which means you receive 100% payouts on your insurance production revenue.

Equally important is the Due Diligence we provide to you through our Approved Carrier Lists, updated quarterly. We know that entrusting your clients’ insurance contracts with highly-rated, financially sound carriers is important. We provide financial review for Carrier Strength – we do the research so you don’t have to. What this means is that we keep our thumb on the pulse of Industry and Product Trends and communicate these weekly, or as needed, to keep you apprised of the evolution of our marketplace.

We are in constant communication with Industry Resources to ‘hear’ what is being said on the street. We subscribe to Vital Signs, a financials reporting resource, and every quarter we dig into the carriers’ financials to look for any pending concerns.

Finally, we track the ratings agencies and Comdex scores; only those carriers that have A or better ratings, that have a Comdex score of 75+, and who have passed our Vital Signs review are placed upon our Approved Carrier Lists.

Why Concorde Insurance Agency?

Because you want the best platform, process and pricing for your practice and for your clients. Because we add nothing to your overhead, but everything goes to your bottom line. Don’t settle for less.



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