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Provide Lift to Your Practice 

We estimate that 10% of your Assets Under Management is the insurance revenue that is embedded in your practice. If you’re not generating that revenue with your clients, it is likely that somebody else is. It is our stated goal to bring that revenue to your bottom line. How?

Provide Lift to Your PracticeWeekly Updates 

We provide weekly updates on industry trends, product closing, or carrier updates.

Concept Training 

Concept training for you or your team, to help find more suitable solutions

  1. Bi-weekly webinars on Concepts, Product Solutions, or Third-Party Administrators will bring fresh ideas and support to your team.
  2. Personalized, individual concept training

Point-of-Sale Assistance 

Need somebody at the table to present the solution? Whether in person (when practical), or via Webinar, Concorde Insurance Agency and will provide point-of-sales assistance will help with case implementation.



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