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“Your Options are Limited to the Extent that You Plan.”

Concorde Gateway™ succession planning gives you the tools needed to transition your business; including the evaluation, contract negotiations, and financing. When buying, selling or transitioning a financial advisory practice, you want professional support from an expert who understands the distinct characteristics of the industry, and that is exactly what Concorde Gateway™ provides.



Acquiring another practice lets you quickly leverage the business engine you’ve built, from staff to technology.

Concorde Gateway™ offers many practice acquisition solutions that can help advisors prepare themselves and their practice for opportunities on both sides of the practice acquisition equation; accurate business valuations, financing, transition consulting, and much more.                   


A well-executed plan provides for a smooth transition for both clients and advisors. It provides a game plan for both planned and unplanned events – retirement, disability, and death.

Concorde Gateway™ assists with accurately calculating the value of your practice, determining if there is enough cash flow to support an agreement, and guiding you through the entire process.



Did You Know

  • More than 50% of advisors are over age of 50

  • Over next 10 yrs, 40% of practices will change ownership

  • Exit strategy should begin at least 5 yrs prior to transition

  • Less than 1/3 of advisors have adequate succession plan

* "Navigating the Age Wave - Mergers and Acquisitions for Financial Advisory Practices" by Todd Doherty, Key Management Group, February 2014